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Custom model with Estimators in TensorFlow

In the last tutorial we saw how easy it is to do a simple linear regression using TensorFlow. We used a LinearRegressor, which did most of the work for us. This approach is great to get started and perform simple tasks. However, if you want to have more freedom about how your model is built and how…


Simple linear regression with TensorFlow

To get started with TensorFlow and machine learning we want to show you a simple example for how to do linear regression. Using this simple example, we can start exploring the TensorFlow APIs and get a feeling for machine learning and also learn techniques which can be used to create more complex…


Create external webcomponents with Angular Elements

With Angular Elements you are able to create components, bundle them into one file and use them in other projects. The normal procedure to create a component is to use the CLI, generate a component. This component is then strongly wired within the project. The approach to create a webcomponent is…


Angular 6 CLI tutorial and best practices

We will talk about some basics and will dive into some deeper examples. This series will be updated continuously while working on a real world enterprise project. Of course these examples are not used in the project, they are broken down to the core functions to get the idea what you can achieve…